Jill Milan was founded to provide high-quality handbags that were free of animal-derived materials and as a vehicle for supporting animal causes. From its inception the company has provided support to animal welfare and other non-profit organizations. Jill Milan’s founders have directed financial donations exceeding 10 percent of the company’s revenue to a range of non-profit organizations. The company also makes contributions of product for fundraising efforts, and we highlight some of our favorites in the Jill Milan blog.

Some of the wonderful non-profit organizations Jill Milan has been delighted to support are listed below. We encourage customers and friends of Jill Milan to support these wonderful causes if they can.

  • Dress for Success. We donate auction items and gift cards for the annual “Success: You Wear it Well” gala.
  • Global Green. Auction items, gift cards.
  • Humane Society of the United States. Sponsored The Genesis Awards.
  • Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary. The first animal sanctuary in South America.
  • Mercy for Animals. A portion of holiday-season sales.
  • Muttville. Adoption and re-homing of “older” dogs. Jill Milan has donated to Muttville’s fundraising auction.
  • Palomacy. Pigeon & Dove Adoptions. Saves domestic (unreleasable) birds that would otherwise be killed in San Francisco Bay Area shelters.
  • Peninsula Humane Society. Contributed to a reward fund to help find a cat killer.
  • PCRM. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine works to end use of animals in medical research.
  • PETA. Contributed to the auction at 35th Anniversary Party.
  • Return to Freedom. Wild horse sanctuary and preservation.
  • Seed Food & Wine. Plant-based food and wine festival.
  • Sense of Security California. Alleviates financial distress during treatment for breast, ovarian and other gynecological cancers.
  • Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue. Rescues horses bred for racing from slaughter, neglect and abuse.
  • SPCA. Participated in “Dogs on the Catwalk” Fashion Show adoption event and donated a portion of sales.
  • Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Jill Milan has contributed items for the annual ThanksLiving event auction.