A Fashion Shoot in One of the World’s Most Ecologically Important Areas

For our fall photo shoot, we shot in the California wetlands and above the Northern California coast. Although our bags are made in Italy, we chose these locations to demonstrate how crucial the preservation of endangered environments is to the health of California. 


The Redwood Shores Wetlands: Home for Endangered Species

California’s wetlands are home to hundreds of different species—some endangered such as the California clapper rail and the salt marsh harvest mouse. Pelicans and avocets fish in this area, and the western snowy plover, a critically endangered species, nests here. Plovers build nests along the coasts. If disturbed by beachgoers, joggers, real estate developments, or unleashed dogs, they will abandon their nests.


Why Else Are the Wetlands Important?

In the past, the wetlands have been used for cattle farming, salt production, and oyster farming. Yet these areas protect against coastal flooding have higher rates of carbon sequestration and storage than tropical rainforests. They also buffer the land from the waterways and filter out chemicals in water that have run off from roads and farms.





To visit the wetlands, please check out Hidden SF. (And please keep your dog on-leash!)

If you're interested in Devil's Slide, have a look at Visiting Devil's Slide Trail.


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